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About Us

Commodore Coins and Collectibles, Ltd.At Commodore Coins & Collectibles, it is our mission to be a step above the rest in the rare item collector’s industry. As a three generation, family-owned  business, we strive to deliver the very best customer experience.

We pride ourselves on learning the unique history of each piece we acquire. Over the years, that genuine interest is what drives us to continuously expand our collections. Whether it is U.S. gold and silver, Spanish Colonial coins and shipwreck treasure, ancient coins, arms and armaments, or anything in between, Commodore Coins & Collectibles always offers the best of the best.

We are on a never-ending hunt for new and exciting material that has that “cool factor”, so if you don’t see something you’re looking for, chances are we know where to find it.

Reach out today and Join Our Crew to see exclusive items and exceptional “finest known” items that you will not find anywhere else in the world. We are here to help, now step aboard and see what Commodore Coins can do for you.

Sean Scott – President/CEO

Sean Scott
Mr. Scott is the President and CEO of Commodore Coins & Collectibles, Ltd. As a second-generation numismatist, collector,  and antique dealer, Scott has acquired some of the finest coins and artifacts from across the globe.

In addition to his passion for antiques and rare coins, Scott is also the author of numerous articles that focus on 16th – 18th century Spanish coinage, shipwreck treasure, armada chests, and much more.

Some of his accreditations, experience, and certifications include:

  • Numismatist and coin collector for over 45 years
  • Member of the American Numismatic Association
  • NGC Authorized dealer
  • Member of the 1715 Fleet Society
  • Researcher & Writer
  • Author
  • Book publisher
  • Fire and water damage restoration and recovery  expert
  • National Sporting Clays Association – Master Class Shooter
  • Free diver, surfer, and spearfisherman

Sean Rich – Partner

Sean Rich
Rich is a California-based archeologist, historian, and TV personality with over 30 years of experience in rare antiques, arms & armor, treasure hunting, and the film industry.

Perhaps best known for his role on the popular series, Pawn Stars, Rich has served as an on-camera expert and armory specialist for numerous television and film projects, including National Geographic’s Lords of War, History Channel’s Gettysburg, and the Disney film franchise Pirates of the Caribbean.

In addition to his extensive work in antiquities and media production, Rich is a seasoned treasure hunter with experience in exploring and excavating some of the most elusive shipwrecks around the world. Some of his accreditations, experience, and certifications include:

  • Bachelor of Arts –  Salve Regina University, Newport, RI.
  • PADI Certified Advanced Search, Rescue and Recovery Diver.
  • Anthropologist, BA Salve Regina University, Newport, RI.
  • Historian
  • Classical Numismatist
  • Jeweler
  • Master Antique Gunsmith
  • Arms and Armor Expert, Dealer (16th-19th Century)
  • Dealer and Consultant of all Antiquities
  • Consultant to the motion picture Industry
  • California Department of Justice Handgun Safety Certificate #383419

If you wish to learn more about Sean Rich, visit: https://www.seanrich.com/ or https://tortugatrading.com/pages/sean-rich