1556-1598 Seville 4 Escudos Pendant Set in 18K Gold Bezel

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Item #CC-0220 | 1556-1598 Seville 4 Escudos Pendant Set in 18K Gold Bezel
Mint: Seville, Spain
Assayer: “D” – Melchor Damian
Ruler/Period: Philip II
Total weight: 24.19 grams

Description: This beautiful 4 escudos was minted between 1556-1598 at the Seville mint. What makes this piece unique is the size of the planchet used to strike this 4 escudos. It is much larger than most specimens we come across, and is nearly the size of many 8 escudos we have seen. A previous owner set this wonderful piece in an 18K yellow gold bezel to be worn by anyone who appreciates these coins. The total weight of this piece comes out to 24.19 grams, which puts the coin weight around 13.5 grams and the bezel weight of gold around 10.69 grams. A truly wonderful piece with a much rarer denomination of escudos compared to the many 2 and 8 reales in the market.

4 escudos are highly prized in the world coin collecting community for their beauty as well as their scarcity. Compared to the 1, 2 & 8 escudos minted at this time, the 4’s were far less struck. Considered in today’s world like a $2 bill or a 50 cent piece, the 4 escudos were not often used. Many examples that survived were likely never put into circulation or used very little. 4 Escudos are wonderful coins to own and even more lovely to wear. (Note: Chain is not included)

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