Beautiful 1556-1588 Seville Spain 8 Reales PCGS MS-61 – Finest Known!

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Item #CC-0051 | 1556-88 Seville Spain 8 Reales PCGS MS-61 – Finest Known!
Mint: Seville, Spain
Assayer: Square D
Ruler/Period: Philip II
Grade: MS-61

For details on this coin from PCGS, click on the serial number here:48002681

Description: This is one of the finest Spanish 8 reales you’ll ever see. This cob was minted from 1556-1588 in Seville Spain and the finest graded by PCGS. This coin is over 400 years old and still has great eye appeal and an abundance of mint luster. It is extremely rare to find Spanish cobs in any denomination that don’t have environmental damage, haven’t been cleaned, polished, clipped, filed, or altered in some way.  The reverse of this coin is just about as perfect as you can get. You can see the castles, lions, and cross details are breathtaking and the legend is only missing the letter “A” at the end of the word “HISPANIA”. This coin is considered extremely rare and in our opinion, it’s an absolute knockout of a coin! You’ll be hard pressed to find another 400 year old 8 reales cob anywhere close to the quality and eye appeal of this one.