1577-1588 Lima Peru 2 Reales NGC XF Details “Star of Lima”

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Item #CC-0032 | 1577-1588 Lima Peru 2 Reales NGC XF Details “Star of Lima”
Mint: Lima, Peru
Assayer: D for “Diego de la Torre”
Ruler/Period: Philip II
Grade: XF Details
Weight: 6.54grams

For details on this coin from NGC, click on the serial number here: 2858729-006

Description: This 2 Reales minted in Lima, Peru is a choice example of the exceptional attention to detail seen from the work done by assayer Diego de la Torre.

Known for his amazing quality pieces and his signature “Star of Lima” seen to the left of the shield, De La Torre pieces are highly sought after and collectible. This example is well struck, nearly perfectly circular with a small hole punched through where it was worn as a pendant. At the time, holes were often pushed through coins in order to attached them to chains that sailors wore to avoid the king’s taxes at port. This lovely piece is graded at XF Details and will make a wonderful addition to any Spanish Colonial cob collection!