1595-99 Spain 2 Reales Minted in Valladolid – Kempen Hoard!

Item #CC-0192 | 1595-99 Spain 2 Reales Minted in Valladolid – Kempen Hoard!

Mint: Valladolid, Spain
Assayer: “D”
Ruler/Period: Philip II
Grade: Clipped (Undoubtedly a Mint State coin, however NGC does not assign grades to underweight coins)
Weight: 4.45 Grams

For details on this coin from NGC, click on the serial number here: 2876570-005

Description: This stunning example was recovered among a large hoard of coins known as the “Kempen Hoard”.  Minted between 1595-99 in Valladolid, Spain, this gorgeous 2 reales has survived nearly 430 years in what appears to be mint state condition. Throughout the Spanish Empire, when someone needed to make change for a purchase, you simply cut a piece off of a coin. This is known as “clipping”.

The Kempen treasure is one of the largest gold and silver coin treasures found in the Netherlands. It was discovered by a Dutch treasure hunter using a metal detector.  Just like the Serooskerke find in 1966 and the Randwijk find in 1987, the Kempen Hoard is an assemblage of an impressive variety of currencies. Spain, England and the Netherlands are the most strongly represented, but specimens of Portugal, France, the Spanish possessions in South America, the German states, the Italian states and Hungary are also present.

The find gives a good picture of the flourishing international connections and trade between the 16th and 17th century powers. The most recent coin in the find was a Dutch coin dated 1616, which gives some indication of about the time when the treasure was buried. Given the high monetary value of the find, the original owner was most likely a wealthy merchant. In 1621 the Twelve Years’ Truce ended and hostilities between Spain and the rebellious Netherlands resumed. A wealthy merchant probably hid this coin along with his other possessions to protect them!

This coin is extremely rare, despite being clipped and probably belongs in a museum as most of these lower denomination pieces were heavily circulated, melted, or lost to the sands of time. The obverse displays a superbly struck shield, crown, assayer initial, mint mark, and denomination. The reverse is strongly struck and displays beautifully detailed castles and lions and both sides show an abundance of original mint luster. The eye appeal on this little gem is simply stunning!



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