1618-1634 Mexico 8 Reales Cob – Atocha Era

Item #CC-0176 | 1618-1634 Spanish Colonial 8 Reales Cob
Mint: Mexico
Assayer: Appears to be a “D” for Diego De GodoyShips in battle
Ruler/Period: Either King Philip III or King Philip IV
Grade: Uncertified
Weight: 27.25 Grams

Description: This well-preserved Spanish Colonial “piece of eight” displays a well centered and nicely detailed shield on the obverse and partially legible assayer and mint marks. The reverse has an unusually well struck and centered Jerusalem cross with bold castles and lions. “Pieces of eight” were the world’s first global currency. They were used across the vast Spanish Empire, stretching from South America to the Philippines, but were used outside the empire as well.

Interestingly, in 1600, one coin would have been worth the equivalent of a modern £50 note. The front of the coin is decorated with the coat of arms of the Habsburgs, the rulers of Spain and the most powerful family in Europe. Overall, cobs from Mexico with this level of detail are getting very tough to find and this specimen will compliment any Spanish Colonial coin collection.