1622-1624 Potosi Bolivia 8 Reales NGC AU-58 – 2nd Finest Known!

Item #CC-0262 | 1622-1624 Potosi 8 Reales NGC AU-58 – 2nd Finest Known
Mint: Potosi, Bolivia
Assayer: T
Ruler/Period: Philip IV
Grade: AU-58

For details on this coin from NGC, click on the serial number here: 5965745-005 

Description: This magnificent 8 reales has survived 400 years in nearly mint state condition and is the second finest known example in the NGC database. This coin boasts a nice centered obverse with mint and assayers marks intact, a partial date on the reverse, which appears to be the bottom of a “62” to the top left or ten o’clock position, and a well stuck overall reverse. The surfaces are clean with nice patina and original toning. The overall look and feel of this coin sets it apart from other specimens from the same period and finding cobs in this high grade of preservation is almost unheard of.  A choice piece for any collector of Spanish Colonial or Atocha era shipwreck type coinage.

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