Beautiful 1622-1665 Seville Spain 8 Reales NGC VF-35

Item #CC-0116 | 1622-1665 Seville Spain 8 Reales NGC VF35
Mint: Seville, Spain
Assayer: NV, likely D for “Damian Maldonado”
Ruler/Period: Philip IV
Grade: VF-35

For details on this coin from NGC, click on the serial number: 3072821-006

Description: A wonderful example of an Old World minted cob from the Seville mint. Typical of the cobs struck at Seville in this time, this 8 reales is struck on a smaller, thick planchet and boasts a wonderful obverse and reverse. Lovely details all around, this coin will make a great addition to any collection of Spanish coins, especially if you like thick chunky cobs!

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