Rare 1628-1642 Colombia 2 Escudos PCGS MS-62. Likely Mesuno Hoard

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1628-1642 Nuevo Reino 2 escudos MS62

Item #CC-0205 | 1628-1642 Colombia 2 Escudos PCGS MS-62
Mint: Nuevo Reino
Assayer: A for “Alonso de Anuncibay” (1628-1642)
Ruler/Period: Philip IV
Grade: MS-62
Weight: 6.71 Grams

For details on this coin from PCGS, click on the serial number here: 140886.62/44078466

Description: This coin is simply one of the most magnificent Columbian 2 escudos we have owned and most likely from the Mesuno Hoard that was discovered in 1936. This 2 escudos was minted at the Nuevo Reino mint in Colombia and is a very rare coin. Not only is it a beautifully stuck specimen, but the typically crude strikes that are known from this mint almost never depict the mint mark, denomination, or the assayers mark. However, this coin has all three of these features, which makes this coin very rare and highly sought after! This gem boasts brilliant luster, nearly full shield and crown, and a full cross on the reverse.  For more information on the Mesuno Hoard, click here.

A coin like this only comes around once in a blue moon, so own it today and enhance your collection of Spanish gold!