1634-1665 Mexico 8 Reales Graded by NGC VF-30

Item #CC-0323 | 1634-1665 Mexico 8 Reales Graded by NGC VF-30
Mint: Mexico City
Assayer: “P” for Peter Becerra
Ruler/Period: King Philip IV
Grade: VF Details

For details and population on this coin from NGC, click on the serial number here: 6497875-004

Description: This is a rare Spanish Colonial 8 reales cob, better known as a “Piece of Eight”. Spanish Colonial cobs are highly sought after, especially those minted in Mexico and this piece displays a well centered and detailed shield on the obverse with the assayer and mint mark. On the reverse, you can see a beautiful Jerusalem cross and portions of the castles and lions. Another nice feature about this coin is that it weighs 27.19 grams, which means it is full weight!

If you are a collector of Spanish Colonial coinage and treasure in general, this coin will make a great addition to your collection!

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