Rare 1643-1750 Complete French Money Changer Scale Set

French scales 1700s Escudos
Original scales 1700s French make

Item #CC-0178 | Rare 1643-1750 French Money Changer Scale Set

This beautiful set of weights and scale are an original and complete set. The complete package is extremely rare and highly sought after!
Origin of Manufacture: France
Kingdom/Period: Possibly Louis XIV, 1643-1715

Description: This is a rare money changer scale set in its original handcrafted wooden box and signed “Jacques Blanc / Rue Tupin A Lion”. Sets like these were commonly used by merchants to make sure the coins they were getting were not counterfeit or altered. It was a common practice during the 16th and 17th centuries for people to clip or trim small pieces of silver or gold from coins in order to accumulate the precious metals and later melt them down. It is very rare to find sets like these with all the weights and scales in tact.  The weights have “IB” punches on them and are in very good condition. Grain-free. 90 x 203 x 25 mm. Garault cf. p. 58. – Good state of conservation. The weights include: Gold ecu in the sun (3.33 g.), Spanish Escudo (3.34 g.), Doppia (6.56 g.), Spanish 2 Escudos (6.66 g.); 1/4 ECU (9.50 g.); 2 Doppie (13.17 g.); 4 Escudos (13.38 g.); Croisat (38.24 g.); 1 Denier (1.33 g.); 1/2 Croisat (19.06 g.); New ducat (31.82 g.); Spanish 8 Reals (27.15 g.); Spanish 4 Reales (13.58 g.); 1/2 New ducat (15.90 g.); 1 Excellent (3.44 g.); Spanish 2 Reales (6.78 g.); 1/4 New ducat (7.96 g.); 2 Excellent (6.88 g.).

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