Rare 1644 Madrid Spain 8 Reales with Gorgeous Toning!

Item #CC-0064 | 1644 Madrid Spain 8 Reales with Gorgeous Toning!
Mint: Madrid, Spain
Assayer: NV
Ruler/Period: King Philip IV
Grade: Clipped (Most likely an AU coin)
Weight: 23.00 Grams

For details on this coin from NGC, click on the serial number here: 2858729-004

Description: This 8 reales is just a stunner! With a gorgeous turquoise and blue toning, strong strike, and clear details, this piece is perfect for any Spanish colonial collection. NGC does not give grades to coins that are under weight or clipped, but with this era of coinage, clipping a piece off of a coin was common practice. Should you need to make change back in the 1600’s, you could simply cut or clip a piece of the coin off. This is where the term “piece of eight” was derived from. This exceptional piece is a fascinating part of a wonderful era in world coins.

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