Unique 1666 Segovia Spain 4 Reales NGC MS-64 BN – Pattern

Item #CC-0104 | 1666 Segovia 4 Reales NGC MS-64 BN – Pattern – Unique
Mint: Segovia
Ruler/Period: Charles II
Grade: MS-64 Brown

For details on this coin from NGC, click on the serial number here: 2858741-001 

Description: This exceptionally rare coin is a pattern created in the “Escuela de los grabadores” (The school of the engravers). The coin was not meant to be circulated or used in commerce, but was created as a proof pattern or example piece. Therefore, the coin holder should indicate Proof instead of Mint State. The superb details and condition of this specimen shows all the design elements of Spanish coinage from the period in the most exquisite detail as you might expect from a pattern. The fact that this coin has survived so long in this condition and still retains hints of its original copper mint luster is almost unbelievable.

This coin is not only the Finest Known example graded by NGC, but it is unique in the fact it is one of only two known surviving examples and considered an extreme rarity. This coin is not found in Krause Mishler or Cayon catalogs and probably belongs in a museum!