1668-1701 Mexico 8 Reales Graded NGC Fine-12

Item #CC-0327 | 1668-1701 Mexico 8 Reales graded NGC Fine – 12
Mint: Mexico
Assayer: Not visible
Ruler/Period: King Charles II
Grade: F-12

For details and population on this coin from NGC, click on the serial number here: 6497875-006

Description: This is a neat example of a Spanish Colonial 8 Reales, known as a piece of eight. This coin was minted during the reign of King Charles II at the Mexico City mint and displays nice details on both sides, a beautiful cross, and original surfaces.

If you are a collector of Spanish cobs or treasure coins from the 1715 fleet era, this coin will be a great addition to your collection! It will also be a great piece for a pendant!