1668 Potosi Bolivia 1 Real NGC AU Details – Likely 1715 Fleet

Item #CC-0102 | 1668 Potosi 1 Real NGC AU Details – Likely from the 1715 Fleet
Mint: Potosi, Bolivia
Assayer: E
Ruler/Period: Charles II
Grade: AU Details – Saltwater Damage

For details on this coin from NGC, click on the serial number here: 2855720-002

Description: This exceptional 1 real cob minted at Potosi in 1668 is a shining example of the coins recovered from the 1715 Fleet. Dated on the obverse to 1668, this coin was likely part of a sailor’s pocket change and was miraculously preserved for 300 years. With such high levels of preservation and tone still intact, this coin is a gem specimen. Very rarely do silver shipwreck cobs receive such high grades!