Super Rare 1669 Potosi Bolivia 8 Reales NGC XF Details – Shipwreck Coin With 4 Dates!

Item #CC-0044 | 1669 Potosi 8 Reales NGC XF Details – Shipwreck – 4 Dates!
Mint: Potosi, Bolivia
Assayer: E
Ruler/Period: Charles II
Grade: XF Details

For details on this coin from NGC, click on the serial number here: 2858256-004

Description: This extremely fine example of a Potosi 8 reales is an absolutely stunning rarity. Each coin from this mint was hammer struck with a die that consisted of three dates. However, very few examples exist that display even one visible date. What makes this coin so special is it was double struck, providing a partial fourth date on the obverse. The tone of this piece is original and consistent to coins recovered from shipwrecks, and could have possibly been recovered from a famous shipwreck site like the 1715 Fleet that sunk off the coast of Florida. A must have piece for any collector looking for the elusive “one of a kind”!