Rare 1691 Segovia Spain Copper Fantasy Pattern NGC MS-65 Brown

Item #CC-0099 | Rare Segovia Spain Copper Fantasy Pattern Coin NGC MS-65 Brown
Mint: Segovia, Spain
Assayer: Unknown
Ruler/Period: Philip III
Grade: MS-65 Brown

For details on this coin from NGC, click on the serial number here: 2863867-005 

Description: Presented here is one of the most unique pieces you will come across. This coin is a “fantasy pattern”, or a test coin, made at the mint in Segovia as a practice piece for a 2 maravedis. This specimen is considered the finest known in the NGC census and holds the title of being in gem mint state. These copper coins were made as future engravers and assayers practiced new designs and worked on their methods of strikes at the mint.

Precious few of these coins have survived and this one was most likely kept as a souvenir by an engraver or someone who worked in the Segovia mint where it was passed down through the generations. We have a select few of these available and invite you to examine their beauty and uniqueness! These coins will make a perfect addition to any collector of patterns or Spanish coinage.