1701-1714 Bogotá Columbia 2 Escudos Set in 18K Gold Bezel

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This is a beautiful 18k heart shaped pendant made with a rare Columbian 2 escudos!

Item #CC-0329 | 1701-1714 Santa Fe De Bogotá 2 Escudos Pendant Set in 18K Gold Bezel (1715 Fleet Era)
Mint: Santa Fe De Bogotá 
Assayer: Buena Ventura de Arce
Ruler/Period: Charles II (Posthumous)

Description: This gorgeous 1715 fleet era pendant has been made with a rare heart shaped 2 escudos minted in Santa Fe De Bogotá between 1701-1714.  This coin was minted after King Charles II died in 1700 and is considered to be a posthumous variety. Coins bearing the inscription of Carlos II continued to be minted for a few years after his death and this type of coin was commonly found on the 1715 fleet shipwreck sites off the coast of Florida. Coins of this variety and condition are becoming quite scarce and this specimen has the unique characteristic of being struck in the shape of a heart.

For reference, this piece is close in size to a US Quarter and the overall weight is 10.68 grams (including the bezel)

This is the perfect jewelry piece for anyone who love coins from the 1715 fleet era and the age of pirates!