Superb & Rare Dated 1712 Colombia 2 Escudos NGC MS-64 – 1715 Fleet

Item #CC-0115 | 1712 Colombia 2 Escudos NGC MS-64 from the 1715 Fleet
Mint: Colombia (likely Santa Fe De Bogota)
Assayer: NV, but likely Buena Ventura de Arce
Ruler/Period: Philip V
Grade: MS-64
Weight: 6.79 Grams

For details on this coin from NGC, click on the serial number here: 5716619-001

Description: Presented here is a gorgeous 1712 2 escudos recovered from the 1715 Fleet shipwrecks! This beauty boasts a rare feature on Colombian cobs; a partial date! If you look closely at the reverse cross side you can see a “2” in the top right behind the NGC slab prong. This small feature is only ever partial or nonexistent on most coins from the Fleet wrecks which adds to the importance of this piece. With a near complete shield and beautifully struck cross, this is a choice specimen. This coin is available now and ready for its new home as a highlight piece for any collector of fine Spanish gold cobs or Spanish treasure!