1796 Guatemala 8 Reales From The East Indiaman Cabalva Shipwreck

Item #CC-0455 | 1796 Guatemala 8 Reales From The Cabalva Shipwreck
Mint: Guatemala
Assayer: “M” for Manuel Eusebio Sánchez
Date: 1796
Ruler/Period: King Charles IV
Grade: NGC AU Details

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Description: This well-preserved 8 reales displays all the details you would expect from an About Uncirculated coin. Not many 8 reales were recovered from this wreck in this level of preservation and this one is definitely choice.

The Sinking of the Cabalva

The Cabalva was an East Indiaman that was launched in 1811. She made three voyages for the British East India Company before she was wrecked in 1818 on the outbound leg of her fourth voyage.

Captain James Dalrymple left the Downs on 16 April 1818, bound for China on Cabalva’s fourth journey. On 22 June, Cabalva sprang a leak off the Cape of Good Hope and Dalrymple set course for Bombay for repairs. On July 7th, the Cabalva ran ashore on the rocky uninhabited island of Cargados, Cargados Carajos shoals. Captain Dalrymple, Assistant Surgeon Grant, and 15 seamen were the last to leave the wreck in the longboat. All were drowned when it capsized in heavy seas.

The ship’s cutter survived. Sixth mate Charles William Francken and a party of ten men set out on July 13th for Mauritius to get help. Although they had no navigation instruments, they arrived there on July 17th. The HMS Magicienne and HMS Challenger set out immediately, arriving at the wreck site on July 20th. Magicienne remained on site to salvage what she could from the wreck site. Challenger removed the survivors and landed them at Mauritius.

For more information on the Cabalva, visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cabalva_(1811_EIC_ship)

This beautiful coin has a fascinating history and is a perfect piece for any collection of shipwreck treasure!