Ancient Rome Silver Denarius 138 B.C.

ROMA C.Ren denarius

Item #CC-0158 | Ancient Rome Silver Denarius 138 B.C.
C. Renius
AR Denarius. 3.88 Grams
Minted: Rome, 138 B.C.
Obverse: Helmeted head of Roma right
Reverse: Juno Caprotina driving a biga of goats right, holding scepter; C. RENI below, ROMA in exergue
Grade: Very Fine. Excellent strike; lustrous and toned metal

Historical Notes:

The biga was a two-horse chariot used in Rome for a variety of purposes, including ceremonies, transportation and sporting races.  At the time it was issued in ancient Rome, a denarius such as this one would also have been referred to as a bigatus, because of the biga depicted on its reverse. On this coin, the biga is harnessed with goats instead of horses.  Goats were sacred to Juno Caprotina, an aspect of Juno who was primarily a fertility goddess.

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