Beautiful Spanish Colonial 1556-1598 Mexico 8 reales Cob

Item #CC-0209 | Beautiful Spanish Colonial 1556-1598 Mexico 8 reales!
Mint: Mexico (La Casa de Moneda de México)
Assayer: Not Visible
Ruler/Period: King Philip II
Grade: Uncertified
Weight: 26.83 Grams

Description: This is a rare and beautiful example of a Piece of Eight minted in Mexico in the late 1500’s! On the obverse of this coin, you can clearly see a “M” mint mark, which stands for “La Casa de Moneda de México” and most of the Habsburg shield.  On the reverse, you see a beautifully struck Jerusalem cross with the castles and lions. This is a superb example of an early Mexico Piece of Eight and tough to find with a full cross.

8 Reales minted in Mexico during this period and in this quality are extremely difficult to find and this specimen will make a perfect addition to any collection of Spanish Colonial cobs or pirate treasure!

This coin will also make a perfect piece for a pendant so don’t wait to long to decide on this one because it won’t last long!


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