Byzantine Empire AV Solidus 602-610 A.D. MS

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Byzantine AV Solidus
AV Solidus gold coin ancient Byzantine

Byzantine Empire AV Solidus 602-610 A.D. MS

Item #CC-0139 | Byzantine Empire
Emperor Phocas
AV Solidus. 4.47 Grams
Minted: Constantinople
Obverse: Facing bust of Emperor Phocas wearing crown holding globus cruciger in right hand
Reverse: VICTORIA -AVGY I, Angel standing facing hold long staff surmounted by Tau-Rho monogram, globus cruciger held in left hand, in exergue mint-signature CONOB.
Grade: Mint State 5/5 Strike, 2/5 Surface

For details on this coin from NGC, click on the serial number here: 4935149-006