Extremely Rare Engraving of 17th Century Man-Of-War!

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CC-0524 – Extremely Rare Engraving of 17th Century Man-Of-War!
Cartographer: Henricus Hondius (1597-1651)
Published in Amsterdam, Holland
Dimensions: (In Frame – 31″ Wide x 24-1/2″ Tall
Date of Publication/Printing: 1626
Condition: Very Good

Description: This is a beautifully illustrated early-17th-century man-of-war portrait showing a French Royal Navy vessel.

HondiusThis beautiful rendition of a 17th century warship was created in 1626 by Henricus Hondius. Hondius was a Dutch engraver, mapmaker, and member of a prominent cartographic family. His father, Jodocus Hondius was also an engraver and geographer. While working with his father, Henricus was instrumental in the expansion and republishing of Mercator’s atlas, first published in 1595 and republished by Hondius in 1606.

This extremely rare engraving shows a three-masted Man of War, sails filled, and guns bristling from all sides. The image displays an array of fascinating features and details including the bow of the ship, which is adorned with Jupiter holding a lightning bolt, riding on an eagle. The illustration is like a time capsule that provides a view into how warships in the early 17th century were made and the amount of detail that went into their construction.

Most known examples of this engraving can only be seen in museum collections and this specimen may be only one of two or three known to exist in private hands.

If you would like to see a great short video on this map, click on this link here.