Rare 1597 Granada Spain 2 Reales Cob – Example Specimen!

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Item #CC-0196 | Rare 1597 Granada Spain 2 Reales Cob – Example Specimen
Mint: Granada, Spain
Assayer: “M”
Ruler/Period: King Philip II (1556-1598)
Grade: Uncertified
Weight: 6.84g

Description: This is a superb and rare example of a silver 2 reales minted in Granada, Spain during the reign of King Philip II (1556-1598).  This unique coin’s die design differs from the more common strikes across the rest of the Spanish Empire from the time period. The “II” denomination sits to the left of the shield on the obverse, the mint mark “G” sits to the right and the date is shown at the top of the reverse above the castles and lions.

This particular specimen is very special and is shown on page 80 of the 2022 “Las Monedas Del Reino De Castilla Y Leon” catalog . According to the catalog, this coin is estimated to be worth close to €1,400 or $1,500 in “MBC” grade. “MBC” stands for “Muy Bien Conservada” or very good conservation. In terms of the U.S. coin grading standards, MBC would be the equivalent of VF (Very Fine) to XF (Extra Fine). Here is a link to a website that explains different countries grading scales.

This specimen has a nearly complete legend, full shield and crown on the obverse and the reverse has a full date and well centered cross that is very similar to the other coins minted at the time with the famous Castile y Leon design.

It is extremely rare for a coin of this caliber and provenance to come up for sale, so if you are looking for a unique piece of Old World Spanish coinage, this one is for you!