Impressive 17th Century Iron Armada Chest with Two Keys

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Item #CC-0437 | Impressive 17th Century Iron Armada Chest with Two Keys
Country of Origin: Nuremburg, Germany
Composition: Wrought Iron
Dimensions: Lid- 37.5″ wide, Body- 35.5″, Height- 17.5″, Width- 17.5″
Condition: Very Fine

Description: This is a wonderful surviving example of a 17th century wrought iron armada chest made in Nuremburg, Germany. These chests got their name from their popularity with the Spanish Empire. The Spanish used these chests on a great many of their ships they sent to the New World and back. Often times, chests like these were filled with gold and silver treasure plundered from across the New World. Additionally, chests like these were used by wealthy individuals to store their valuables before centralized banking became prominent around the world.

This chest boasts a beautiful exterior that is original and still showing signs of the paint that once adorned it. The front of the chest has its original hasps and false key hole cover. The locking mechanism beneath the lid is original and in fully working order. The interior of the chest has the original red paint inside. The lid rest arm is fully functional and supports the weight of the lid well. The interior box has its original working key. The lid key to the chest is a reproduction, but works perfectly to open the chest with ease. This is a rare specimen of full size and weight that will make a perfect addition to any collection.

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