Rare 1698 Lima Peru 8 Reales NGC XF-40 – Double Dated – Finest Known!

Item #CC-0453 | Rare 1698 Lima 8 Reales NGC XF-40 – Double Dated
Mint: Lima, Peru
Assayer: H for “Francisco Hurtado”
Ruler/Period: Carlos II
Grade: XF-40 “Top Pop”

For details on this coin from NGC, click on the serial number here: 6698752-004

Description: This is a choice and rare example of an 8 reales minted in Lima, Peru. Not only is this coin the finest example known in the NGC database, but it boasts two dates and a neat planchet crack. On the obverse you can clearly see the two assayer’s letters as “H” for Francisco Hurtado and the “L” for Lima.

On the reverse, you can see a nice Jerusalem Cross and a good portion of the castles and lions. This is perfect coin for collectors of Spanish Colonial coinage!