Rare 1704 Potosi Bolivia 2 Reales Heart Shaped “Corazón” – Double Dated!

Item #CC-0181 | Rare 1704 Potosi Bolivia 2 Reales heart Shaped “Corazón” – Double Dated!
Mint: Potosi, Bolivia
Assayer: Y for “Diego de Ybarbouro”
Ruler/Period: King Philip V
Grade: Uncertified
Weight: 5.71 Grams

Description: This is a unique example of a Potosi 2 Reales that was shaped as a heart. Coins shaped like this are known in Spanish as Corazón’s and were typically struck from a unique die and planchet that provided the extended portion at the top of the coin to allow for a hole to be punched or drilled so they could be worn. This coin appears to have been worn as a pendent and based on its wear, it was likely worn for a long time, which may account for some of its missing details and weight. Typically, 2 reales from this period should weigh around 6.7 grams, which makes this coin slightly underweight.

The first National Mint of Potosí was located in Bolivia and was part of the Viceroyalty of Lima – a territorial entity located in South America, a member of the Spanish Crown between the 16th and 19th centuries. It was one of the most important mints, which was built thanks to the abundant veins of silver from the Cerro Rico of the so-called Villa Imperial.

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This is a wonderful and rare artifact that is perfect for any collector of Spanish Colonial silver or pirate treasure!