Rare 18th Century Dutch Free-Blown Painted Miniature Onion Bottle

Rare Circa 1770-1800 Dutch Free-Blown Painted Miniature Onion Bottle

CC-0506 – Rare Circa 1770-1800 Dutch Free-Blown Painted Miniature Onion Bottle
Country of Origin: Dutch
Dimensions: 5- 3/4″ H x 3-1/2″ W at base
Condition: Bottle is undamaged, some paint is missing from the portrait and other areas

Description: This is a rare mid to late 18th century quarter-size dark olive-green glass onion bottle. Also known as a “horse hoof”, this bottle has a long neck and applied squared collar below the plainly finished mouth, kicked-up base with blowpipe pontil scar. It is adorned with a portrait of a middle-aged gentleman with a thin mustache and large wig. At the reverse, the bottle displays vine embellishments surrounding an unidentified coat of arms/heraldry featuring a swan possibly from a family in Zeeland (a Southern province of the Netherlands).

Typical Onion bottles from this period measure about 7-1/2″ H x 5-1/2″ W at the base. This unique little bottle is considered a “utility bottle” as it could have been used to hold a variety of liquid contents, including hard liquor, wine, medicines, etc.

A similar example of this bottle is shown on page 140, plate #94 of Antique Glass Bottles by: Parallels Van den Bossche

For more information on the history of bottles and how they are made, visit: https://sha.org/bottle/glossary.htm#Utilitarian%20Bottles


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