Rare Atocha Era 1622-1647 Potosi Bolivia 8 Reals Cob NGC XF-45 – Rare Transposed Castles & Lions!

Item #CC-0263 | Rare Atocha Era 1622-1647 Potosi Bolivia 8 Reales Cob NGC XF-45 – Rare Transposed Castles & Lions Variety!
Mint: Potosi, Bolivia
Assayer: P for Pedro Martin de Palencia
Ruler/Period: Philip IV
Grade: NGC XF-45

For details and population on this coin from NGC, click on the serial number here: 2896263-005

Description: This exceptional “Piece of Eight” silver cob was minted at the Potosi mint in Bolivia and is a superb and very rare example. According to the NGC database, there are only two examples of this coin graded higher, but as far as we know, this is the finest known that has the castles and lions on the reverse transposed.  Typically, Spanish and Spanish Colonial coinage were minted with the lions in the lower left and upper right sections of the cross and the castles were located in the lower right and upper left. This specimen shows the castles and lions in the opposite positions.

Precious few of these 8 reales have survived and this one is roughly 400 years old and in remarkable condition. This coin is well struck and boasts a complete shield on the obverse with assayer’s initial, mint mark, and much of the crown. The reverse displays a beautiful full cross with original toning and of course the castles and lions transposed.

In addition, the time period that this coin was minted indicates that it could be a survivor from the Atocha or Santa Margarita Shipwrecks and possibly recovered during that period or when Mel Fisher found the Atocha in 1985.

This is a superb specimen that will compliment any collection of Spanish Colonial coinage!