Rare Iron Money Chest / Armada Chest – 16th-17th Century

Iron strongbox nuremburg chest
Nuremburg strong box treasure
German made pirate treasure chest
Nuremburg strongbox
Treasure chest nuremburg 1600s
Treasure chest lock mechanism

Item #CC-0174 | Rare Iron Money Chest / Armada Chest – 16th – 17th Century

Place of Manufacture: Most likely Augsburg or Nuremberg Germany

Description: During the sixteenth and seventeenth century money chests were forged completely in sheet iron and reinforced with intersecting strips and fittings made of iron. In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, a host of cities in southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland were renowned for their craftsmanship, especially Augsburg and Nuremberg. The shops were usually old family businesses in which younger generations were trained by their elders. They became extremely skilled blacksmiths, along with equally skilled colleagues in specialties such as sheet metalworking, etching, hammered inlay, steel-plate engraving, painting and rustproofing.

By the dawn of the Renaissance they had already achieved a strong tradition of craftsmanship and a dominant position in Europe. Forging production in certain cities focused mainly on steel and iron armor, as well as equipment for entire armies of foot soldiers, cavalry, officers and horses. Blacksmiths produced all types of small arms for the era, along with accessories, swords, rapiers, lances, helmets, breastplates, and armor.

Armada chests and money boxes were in demand far beyond the borders of the German states and were used to hold taxes, tariffs, and soldiers’ wages, jewelry and coin of nobles as well as treasure taken by pirates.This chest is in great condition. The locking mechanisms work nicely and the chest includes both of its original skeleton keys.

Overall dimensions: Length = 19-3/4″ Width = 10-3/4″ Height = 9-1/2″
Weight: 54 Lbs.

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