Rare Original F.B.I Bonnie & Clyde Wanted Poster – 1934

Item # CC-0271: Rare Original F.B.I Bonnie & Clyde Wanted Poster – 1934

Description: This is a rare and original Bonnie & Clyde wanted poster printed by the U.S. Department of Justice – Federal Bureau of Investigation on May, 21st, 1934.

Bonnie & Clyde were infamous gangsters during the Great Depression.  They were known for their string of bank robberies, but they also robbed small stores, gas stations, and other businesses. On top of that, they killed and kidnapped civilians and any law enforcement who stood in their way. As the first “gangster couple”, their exploits quickly elevated them to celebrity status. They used machine guns and fast cars to make their getaways, all during the “public enemy era” which lasted from  1931 to 1934.

This wanted poster lists in detail Bonnie & Clyde’s physical descriptions as well as their criminal record and a list of known relatives. These posters were sent out as mailers to various businesses, post offices, banks, government buildings, etc. to be posted in lobbies. Coincidently, this poster is dated May 21st, 1934. Only two days later, on May 23rd Bonnie and Clyde were ambushed and killed by Texas Rangers and other law enforcement officers tasked to track them down and take em out.

The poster size is just under 8” wide x 8” tall

Condition: paper shows normal signs of age, but doesn’t have any rips, tears or repairs, water or mold stains. Typical center fold is visible. Overall quality is very good. Please review the images carefully for condition and contact us with any questions. If you collect gangster memorabilia or just want to have a great piece of history, this piece is for you!

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