Superb 1566-1587 Toledo Spain 2 Escudos “Tauler Plate Coin”

Item #CC-0423 | Superb 1566-1576 Toledo Spain 2 Escudos Tauler Plate Coin!
Mint: Seville, Spain
Assayer: To M
Ruler/Period: King Philip III
Grade: AU details
Weight: 6.68 Grams
Variety: Calico – 858 variety with Cross in Legend Toledo

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Description: This coin is a very rare 2 escudos minted in Toledo Spain. To date, this is the only specimen ever graded by PCGS in any grade. In addition, this coin is the example coin used in the Spanish coin catalog “Oro Macuquino” written by Rafael Tauler  Fesser and published in 2020 (see #59b).  You can download this catalog for free at  This coin is nearly perfectly centered on both sides, the shield, mint mark, and assayer are all crisp and clear and just look at that gorgeous crown!  Despite a few scratches on the reverse, this coin radiates much of its original luster and is strikingly beautiful.

This is a perfect coin for any collector of Spanish gold doubloons!

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