Very Rare Ancient Roman Gold Pendant – Circa 100 A.D.

Gold roman Luna pendant
Ancient roman gold "Luna" pendant

Item #CC-0173 | Very Rare Ancient Roman Gold Pendant
Origin: Roman, Hellenistic to Imperial Period
Composition: 15K Gold
Condition: Archeological Find – Gold has been cleaned but has some light deposits in lower profile areas. Excellent condition.
Weight: 8.5 Grams
Provenance: ex-Frances Artuner collection, Belgium, collected in the 1960’s

Description: Roman, Hellenistic to Imperial Period, ca. 1st century BC to 1st century AD. A gorgeous 15K+ gold (72% gold, equivalent to just under 18K) pendant of an overall crescent moon form adorned with granules and a filigree border.

At the center of the crescent is a large granule flanked by two granules to either side that descend in size. Gold wire outlines the inner border and is accentuated by and additional two granules of a petite size at the pointed ends, and the generously filigreed border is punctuated by two more granules of a size comparable to the centermost granule, making a total of nine granules. Finally, a ridged suspension loop is underscored by a granulated band. Size of pendant: 8.6″ W x 1.55″ H (21.8 cm x 3.9 cm); cord is: 19″ L (48.3 cm), total weight: 8.5 grams.

This pendant is replete with impressive artistry, technique, and symbolic meaning. The crescent moon shape was associated with Luna, the divine embodiment of the moon usually depicted in Roman art paired with the Sun and driving a four-horse chariot known as a quadriga. Lunar motifs are also linked with the Roman goddesses Diana and Juno.

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